Time to Play Catch Up

Catch up–what a term. Have you ever played catch? When you play catch, you don’t play catch by playing UP. Sure you hold your glove up, hoping the ball falls in it. In my case, the ball rarely ever found the glove. I was always playing catch up to find the ball after it hit the ground and I finally found focus again after the sun was out of my eyes.

Catch up. Hmmm so why is that red stuff you put on hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and even some people put it on scrambled eggs called catch up (spelled differently–ketchup–of course but pronounced the same). It certainly doesn’t run up. Well not if you buy the “right kind” or the expensive kind (maybe). Do you remember the old commercials where they sang, “anticipation, anticipa- a – tion, it’s making me wait” showing a bottle of thick barely moving ketchup from the bottle onto a hot dog (or was it fries). Oh how that made your mouth water waiting for it to hit that food knowing it was thick and not watery. Of course, once you got it home, you were frustrated at the table trying to get it out of the bottle. You shook it, stuck a knife in it to pry it out, hit the bottom of the bottle, only to have it shoot across the table at your brother, or worse your Dad in his clean white shirt. But it sure did taste good. You don’t get that type of anticipation anymore from it and it doesn’t quite taste as good anymore either.

Catch up. Well you can catch up with someone literally. Meaning they are ahead of you on a road way or walking and you literally gain speed or they slow down enough to come up even with them and possibly pass them. Or maybe it’s that you catch up with them by getting together over a glass of cold tea or lemonade or maybe it’s a cup of coffee and chat for a time of no determined length to talk about all the things you haven’t talked about since the last time you last saw or spoke to each other. Or maybe you promise each other that you will catch up soon later, meaning you’re really too busy to talk to them now, but maybe when you have more time you’ll speak to them then about something. Makes you wonder if catching up is something that you or they really want to do or if it is time well spent for either of you or if either of you really wanted to.

Catch up. Maybe it is a catch up meeting. Oh my, you and your colleagues must have fallen behind again. You missed the deadline on something. You didn’t get that job completed on time. Your team is failing to keep up with the rest of the manpower. You MUST attend the CATCH UP meeting to get you and your team up to speed!

Catch up. You’re playing catch up with the finances–again. Yeah, that’s always a fun one to include in the list. Because we know that if you’re playing catch up, the finances definitely aren’t UP. You’re too busy robbing Peter to pay Paul to get the bills paid as my Mom used to say. If you are having to catch up, you’ve over spent your means; you’ve over extended your credit; you’ve said “yes” when you should have said “no;” you’ve just flat run out of the funds necessary to do all that you want to do and can barely get by doing what you need to do.

But in this instance, I’m not talking about any of those things. I’m talking about playing catch up with sewing projects. Now for a quilter, that is an never ending feat. For many quilters we start too many Block of the Month programs because they all sound so wonderful. And, after all, they are only 1 block of the month. Technically you should be able to engage in 30 different Block of the Month programs and be able to keep up with all of them, right? I mean, make 1 block each day for a month and you will have made every block in your 30 BOMs in a month. The only problem is, they don’t all start and finish on the same day. And LIFE happens. There is work to go to, a house to keep clean, children to watch, a job to go to, food to cook, laundry to be washed and dried, a husband and children that actually want to see you and do things WITH you, church and civic organizations you belong to want you to actually attend their meetings and events, oh and that quilt guild keeps asking when you’re coming back to the meetings or when you’re going to do the next program for it, oh and the charity quilts you need to make for the month, and the baby shower quilts, and the mending you’re expected to do, and, ….. the list goes on and on. And suddenly, you haven’t sewn the very first block of the very first BOM let alone 30 of them. Well, you can just download the pattern and you can just make 2 each day next month. You’ll be sure to get them all done and you can CATCH UP next month. I’m sure, if there were any quilters (or anyone for that matter other than myself) reading this, that they would totally appreciate that it is next to impossible to truly catch up.

I have tried and tried to play catch up on my first grandson’s quilt. I started it the year he was born. He will be 10 in September. The top is finished. It has never been sandwiched or quilted. It’s a good thing it will fit a twin sized bed! Then there is the quilt that I made for my 2nd grandson. It is paper pieced. It is sandwiched together and partially quilted. It too is along side his brother’s quilt waiting to be finished. It was made to be his “nap quilt” for preschool. He will be in the first grade in the fall. Again, it’s a really good thing that I seemingly can’t make small quilts. Of my 10 grandchildren, I believe 2 have actually received a finished quilt from me. Both of them as babies. I have a closet full of quilts in various stages of completion varying from needs to be finished quilting and a binding to only a few blocks made. Yet, I can’t stop myself from collecting more patterns and from starting them! Who knows if I’ll ever get more than 1 or 2 blocks finished on them. That’s how quilters end up with so many “orphan blocks.”

Yesterday I talked about starting my Main Street BOM. And actually got the first block made the day the pattern was released. Today what did I do? I downloaded pattern number 6 of the Out of This World BOM. Have I made any of the blocks yet? NO. Had I even picked out any fabrics for it before tonight? NO!! But I did do that tonight! I chose the fabrics I will use for this Out of This World BOM. I will stick with those choices and I will do my best to play catch up and see if I can get any of these blocks made this weekend. Why this weekend as opposed to any other time? I will have a house where it is just me in the house most all day tomorrow as my daughter and her two boys are gone for the entire weekend at a soccer tournament. And I can sew to my heart’s content.

Now that I have said that. I must put in the disclaimer, that even when they are here, that I am generally able to sew to my heart’s content, I just spend most of the day perusing facebook for embroidery sites and the different designs they are offering out to the public, to chat with friends that are also retired and sitting at their computers all day like I am, go through quilting pages and see what all beautiful things quilters that actually SEW instead of sit at a computer are doing. So I have no one to blame but myself for having to play catch up. There are just so many different things that take my attention. It’s not that I don’t love to sew. I just have “squirrel” moments. I’m like a dog who can be fully focused on its master until it sees a squirrel, and then, he’s off and running after the squirrel. When he gets out run, he comes back to his master, focuses on him again until the next squirrel grabs his attention. That would be me! SQUIRREL

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